Resonance is a concert performance of original music composed by Alison Jones 


Inspired by legends of female warriors, from a time when honour and elemental forces were the powers that influenced lives, Resonance introduces a brand new style of performance, blending haunting music and exhilarating dance into an unforgettable event, fusing Scottish, classical, jazz and flamenco disciplines. Performed by Alison on violin and vocals, together with a superb, world class ensemble of 6 musicians and 2 martial arts performers.

Working with Cecily Fay, two-time European Champion in Pencak Silat martial arts, the narrative of the composition is punctuated with martial arts and movement, visualising the powerful encounters between  Queen Scathach, Aoife and The Morrighan, three strong and skilful warrior women, with Cuchulainn, a young arrogant male fighter.

Resonance is now open for bookings 2019-2020 and beyond!

You can find and download the music of Resonance on itunes

More information about the music and the journey of composer Alison Jones, click here

See a promotional video:

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